Welcome to Morten Andersen.com

Welcome to my web site! Since I announced my retirement in December 2008, I started my own company, became a full-time taxi driver for my kids, and got about three things done on my wife's honey-do list. But, I finally entered the 21st Century with my very own web site, quite an accomplishment for someone  whose first roadtrip was by stagecoach!  I plan on keeping a regular blog and covering a wide array of topics. Want to see my 63 yard fg against Ohio State?... Check! Interested in a recommendation for a New Zealand pinot noir with lots of fruit on the nose or a robust syrah  to go with a nice veal shank?... Done! Fiddy Cent or Young Jeezy?... Uh, can I get back to you on that one? I may not have the mad cyberspace skills of, say, Kip Dynamite, but what I lack in technology I'll make up for with goofy enthusiasm. So check it out, I'm happy to have you...don't be a stranger!