Morten Andersen’s story is truly an ageless message for all of us and for our generations to follow about the rewards of determination and believing in oneself.
Arthur Blank
Morten Andersen’s life story exemplifies the American Dream. As a seventeen year old foreign exchange student, he discovered in his first week in America, a talent that changed his life forever. During his remarkable career with the NFL, Andersen is the only player to hold statistical franchise records for two NFL teams. He played in a record 360 consecutive games scored. In 2006, he became the all-time leading NFL scorer, and the all-time leader in field goals.

Since 2009, Morten has been delivering keynote presentations for a wide variety of groups including corporations, sports organizations, charitable organizations and CEOs. Drawing on stories from his twenty-five year NFL career, he can deliver a motivational speech on leadership, teamwork and achieving goals that will motivate and inspire your audience.


  • Keynote
  • Panel Discussion
  • Commentary


  • Motivational
  • Leadership
  • Athletics

From International golfing events to multiple day charitable events, Andersen has hosted and managed events for a variety of groups. His friendly, casual style and his experience in dealing with celebrities and everyday folks alike makes him the perfect host for any event.

Examples of events hosted by Morten include:

  • Special Teams for Special Ops
  • MAFF Wine Dinner & Auction

Scenes from Recent Events

Choose Morten for Your Brand Ambassador

The right brand ambassador can widen the reach of your business. Morten’s indisputable name recognition, reputation, and focus on family and community make him the perfect choice. Morten is available for media ads, trade shows, and promotional appearances on behalf of your business interests.

Examples of Companies represented include:

  • AllSize Company
  • Garia Cars

The Morten Andersen Boot Camp

This is a comprehensive two day program offered to kickers who are looking to tune up their game to the highest level. Limited to two kickers per camp, Morten will personally develop for you an entire kicking program from the ground up. Based on the theories and protocols utilized throughout his record breaking twenty-five year NFL career, Morten will help you with virtually every aspect of your game. The cost of the two day Morten Andersen Boot Camp is $2,999.
Your training program will include:

  • Full mental training protocol designed by Morten and Sports Psychologist John Silva
  • Classroom work/video analysis
  • On field technical evaluation
  • Instruction, strategies, and guidelines
  • Nutrition and personal health
  • E-mail follow up, including video analysis
  • Morten Andersen Boot Camp t-shirt

Personal Kicker’s Consultation

Morten is available for private consultations geared towards experienced kickers who are seeking a one-time evaluation and instruction session. This ninety minute practice will consist of Morten’s on field evaluation of your live performance, video review, and corrections/implementations going forward. The cost is $499.

All sessions are personally scheduled and held in North Gwinnett, 45 miles northeast of Atlanta’s Hartsfield Airport. Travel and hotel accommodations can be arranged, if desired.

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Here are a few more examples of Morten Andersen’s speaking and presentation style.